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Duncan Stewart

Date of birth:

24th May 1984


Grantown on Spey






Football, Cars, Shinty & Travelling

Turned pro:

2007 (Handicap +4)

Current tour:

European and challenge tour



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My Schedule


European Tour
Challenge Tour
2-8 Feb
9-15 Feb
16-22 Feb
23-1 Feb
2-8 March
9-15 March
16-22 March
Madeira Island Open- Maderia
23-29 March
30-5 April
6-12 April
Barclays Keny Open- Kenya
13-19 April
20-26 April
Challenge De Madrid (WED-SAT)
27-3 May
4-10 May
11-17 May
18-24 May
Karnten Golf Open- Austria
25-31 May
D+D Czech Open- Czech
1-7 June Sweden
Swiss Challenge- Switzerland
8-14 June Austria
Belgian Challenge- Belgium
15-21 June
Najeti Hotels Golf Open-France
22-28 June
Scottish Hydro- Aviemore
29-5 July
Hartl Resort- Germany
6-12 July Scotland
D+D Slovakia- Slovakia
13-19 July Open
20-26 July
Le Vaudreuil- France
27-2 Aug
3-9 Aug
Northern Irelnad Open- N Ireland
10-16 Aug
Finish Challenge-Finland
17-23 Aug Denmark
Rolex Trophy-Switzerland (WED-SAT)
24-30 Aug Czech
31-6 Sept Russia
Pleneuf- France
7-13 Sept KLM
14-20 Sept Italy
21-27 Sept
Kazakhstan Open- Kazahkstan
28-4 Oct
5-11 Oct
12-18 Oct
19-25 Oct Hong Kong
Foshan Open-China
26-1 Oct
National Bank of Oman Oepn- Oman
2-8 Nov
Grand Final- Dubai (WED-SAT)
9-15 Nov
Week off


A word from Duncan

"This season I will be playing a full schedule on the European Challenge Tour along with 5-7 events on the European tour. My goal is to gain full playing rights on the European Tour for 2016. "